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Thank You

Today I am beyond humbled as I reflect upon not only the results of last night's election, but on the months of work and thousands of people my family and I encountered throughout this process. I have many thanks to give, and it begins with God. There is no more awesome, powerful, steadying, loving Being in the world, and without His blessing there is no way that we overcome the 2 strongest political machines in our county, our entire Republican legislative contingent, and other prominent obstacles to our effort. I asked for prayers from most everybody who asked what they could do for me, and it worked.
My family, especially my wife Dodie, stood by me when I was most discouraged and anxious, and they courageously and graciously shared those experiences with me. You should be able to count on family, and I am blessed beyond all measure with mine, and this includes lifelong friends who are like family to me. The people who supported, counseled, guided, and helped me are too many to put in a Facebook post, but I love you and and I look forward to thanking you all personally. I want to make a special point to thank our law enforcement community -- I told people, officers included, that you don't win elections without law enforcement, because people trust their opinions about public safety matters. Our law enforcement officers are the backbone of our county, providing the safety and security that many take for granted every day. I ran on a platform of reforming their court-related obligations, and that will be a priority. In that same vein, I want to thank our probation officers, clerks, detention officers, court staff, and everyone who believed in my sincere desire to make our courthouse more efficient.
On a more practical note, since I will not take office until 2019, I intend to spend the next few months speaking to our courthouse personnel, attorneys, court-related agencies, and law enforcement officers about everyday improvements that can make us more efficient. With respect to our larger vision, I ask you all to keep with our message through this campaign: Make Alamance safer. To this end, I expect some will use our campaign as a blank canvas upon which to project their expectations; this will inevitably lead to disappointment. The abiding message we kept through our campaign, and which I want to leave everyone with now, is this: I will use my experience and my abilities to best protect this county and its people. I will be guided by the evidence and a sense of justice. Popular opinion, political obligations, and influential donors do not define justice, and thus I am not beholden to any of them. God put me here, you put me here, and to justice I am obligated.
God Bless you all,and God Bless Alamance County.

Sean Boone For District Attorney
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