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Fact check: The "Over 100% disposition rate" truth

This quote from the D.A.'s post today is a perfect example of how politicians use and abuse statistics to mislead the public:

"Over 900 DWIs are charged in Alamance County each year and my office takes the prosecution of those cases extremely seriously. With a disposition rate of over 100%, my ADAs are resolving more DWIs than are being charged each year, creating less of a backlog of these serious cases."

The D.A. wants the people to believe that this disposition rate is a unique reflection of his efficiency; however, according to the statewide DWI disposition rates for fiscal year 16-17, Alamance's rate is actually below the state average, and 42 of the 44 prosecution districts in NC also have disposition rates of over 100%. Great work is being done by law enforcement, judges, clerks, and other partners in the criminal justice system statewide to yield such results, and to set yourself apart as though your work is superior to that of other districts is both misleading and self-promoting.

Sean Boone For District Attorney
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