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The Nadolski Conviction Myth

The Times News has published an article on the Republican primary forum, and ended the D.A. part with my opponent accusing me of "misusing stats to mislead voters." The official numbers say Nadolski's office tried the fewest trials this century with the most staff ever, these numbers are fact, and I can source them. When he says these numbers are "misleading" because his office averaged 36 trials per year, the paper did not include my response, that his predecessor still averaged MORE TRIALS with LESS PEOPLE. He cannot escape the truth about his poor trial figures.
Yet the most egregious example of blatant "misleading" is Nadolski's claim of having a high "conviction rate." When I pointed out that such a statistic isn't even kept, he doubled down and said that they can be found in the official statistics. The "official statistics" are those kept by the NC Administrative Office of the Courts [AOC]. These are in fact the official numbers that even Nadolski used during his last election. And I can cite the article in which he uses them (Times-News, "District Attorney, challenger go toe to toe." 10/28/2014). So when I contacted the AOC this week about conviction rates, they emailed me a disclaimer that they refer to when people ask about "conviction rate." I have attached to this post (1) the email response I received from AOC (with names redacted); (2) the disclaimer dated November, 2013, entitled "Conviction Rates"; (3) a mailing by Nadolski bragging about his "conviction rate."
The opening sentence of the disclaimer, "Our database does not lend itself to generating useful 'conviction rates' for criminal cases" tells you clearly that the official statistics are not appropriate for such a thing; the disclaimer goes on to state that "there is no way to track these variations for a reliable conviction rate." Finally they deny the validity of the rate, "Conviction rates have not been recognized as a valid criteria for assessing performance." Please read the entire document for a more comprehensive denial of this highly questionable and illegitimate figure. Now, if Mr. Nadolski wishes to provide an alternate source for this information, he should provide it to the public. You are entitled to it.
So when my opponent wants to accuse me of misleading about trial numbers that can clearly be proven, while himself making up fake stats, you can really see who the politician is. I have the experience and the ability to do basic research that is apparently needed in the District Attorney's Office.

Sean Boone For District Attorney
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