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A Message From Sean

Born and raised in Alamance County, I was privileged to serve my home as a prosecutor for 18 years. The foundation for my career of service was formed right here: in my childhood home, where I grew up to appreciate the bonds of family; in Zion Christian Church, where I was first baptized and learned the importance of faith in God; and in the schools of Western Alamance County, where I was challenged to seek higher education and first saw its potential in my life. For these things, I am deeply indebted to my home county, and for this reason I am running to become our next District Attorney. 

After graduating from Western high School in 1986, I attended N.C. State and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1990 and a Master’s degree in 1993. I then attended UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, where even before graduation I was drawn back home. As a second year law student, I began prosecuting cases in Alamance County courts in early 1996 while interning for District Attorney Steve Balog; for the next three semesters I drove to Graham on days when I did not have classes and worked in our courthouse, trying dozens of bench trials and working to become an effective prosecutor and trial attorney. Following graduation, I was hired as an Assistant District Attorney by the new D.A., Rob Johnson, and have practiced in our courts for over 20 years. 

In that time, I have built a strong record of securing guilty verdicts for violent offenders. I prosecuted thousands of felony cases, and tried over 100 jury trials in local Alamance County Courts, obtaining over 30 jury verdicts for violent crimes such as Murder, Sexual Assaults, Armed Robbery, and Kidnapping. In the process, I have formed enduring friendships and gained the trust of scores of local law enforcement officers with whom I've worked to prosecute these cases, and with whom I've sat side by side in the courtroom as we sought justice for the victims of violent crime. 

The victims of crime, or the families they leave behind, often find themselves struggling to follow the unfamiliar and sometimes intimidating judicial process in their search for justice. They deserve an experienced District Attorney whom they can trust to guide them through this emotionally trying time, particularly in jury trials. Over the course of 18 years and 14 murder verdicts as a prosecutor, I earned the trust and confidence of many family members as we walked together towards a verdict; more significantly, the bond formed in those times of crisis have turned into friendships which have lasted to this day. As your next District Attorney, I will continue to take care of our victims and their families as I personally make jury trials a priority once again for the elected District Attorney. 

I will be running as a Republican in the upcoming primary for District Attorney. Much like my long career of service to Alamance County, my Republican roots extend back for over 25 years. As a young Republican living in Raleigh in the early 1990’s, I volunteered for the North Carolina Republican Party at its headquarters on Hillsborough Street, making telephone calls on behalf of the party. Since that time, I have maintained a solid consistent record of Republican Party registration and support. For my entire career in Alamance County, I have always been a Republican prosecutor and have never wavered in that affiliation. More significantly, I am a Conservative, inspired by values instilled over years of growing up in a county where faith, respect, and hard work are proudly extolled. These same values will guide me in making Alamance County a safer place to live and raise a family. 

I am proud of my lifelong connection to Alamance County, and for everything it has given me I feel a duty to serve my best to provide for its security and prosperity. You can depend on me to protect our county because I love this county, and I am asking for your vote and support in this upcoming Republican primary. 


Sean Boone For District Attorney
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